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10 signs that you are addicted to Online Bingo:

1. Bingo Support phones you for assistance.
2. When a colleague tells a funny joke you say “LOL” out loud.
3. If you enter a room with more than 23 people in it, you ask management about the size of the Bingo pots.
4. You know your online Bingo friends’ daily activities better than your own spouse’s.
5. When someone asks “What did you say?” you scream “Bingo!”
6. You change your Bingo nickname so often that you have to check your own Bingo profile find out who you are.
7. Before logging it to a Bingo game, you pack a picnic, a flashlight and tent.
8. You spend more time saying good-bye to Bingo friends when logging out of a game than you do saying good-bye to real-life friends when leaving a dinner party.
9. You introduced your shrink to online Bingo and you both are now have your sessions in in private Bingo Chat rooms.
10. Your license plate has your Bingo nickname on it.

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