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Welcome to Casino Joke

A while ago, while searching for a few cool gambling and casino jokes to share with my friends on poker nights, I realized there were very few casino humor resources on the web. I also noticed that, of those I did find, most were crap. This is when I decided to create It’s a small website that (I hope) provides big laughs to those looking for both tasteful and tasteless casino, poker and gambling humor, in general.

For now I only have a few jokes. Most are ones I remember hearing at the casino tables and some were told to me by friends. My goal is that readers (i.e. you) will help develop the site by adding your casino jokes to the mix.

Please send me more casino jokes related to one of the following categories:

Casino JokesCasino Jokes
Poker JokesPoker Jokes
Blackjack JokesBlackjack Jokes
Roulette JokesRoulette Jokes
Gambling JokesGambling Jokes
Bingo JokesBingo Jokes

Feel free to browse the site and if you have any suggestions or feedback, drop me a note using the contact me page.


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